Posted by: Cathy | November 14, 2014

Hibernate e-class registration open

Coach Blog 112213 * Do you crave a rest from every-day life, even a short one?
* Do you want to spend some time unplanning and being still?
* Does the energy of winter call you to go within?

Winter is a time for rest. In the northern hemisphere, with all of the holiday bustle, we don’t often get an opportunity to take a rest. I invite you to spend four weeks in January to do just that. From January 9-30, we will practice resting. We’ll start out slow to get you used to it and give yourself permission, and I hope by February you will feel rejuvenated and ready to welcome the energy of spring.

This class is for anyone who would like a time-out, to schedule doing nothing for a few hours or days, to relocate your baseline and restore your life to a more manageable balance.

Registration is open! ($26)

Early-bird special! Sign up by December 19 and get $8-off with coupon code 2014hib8

To give you a little taste, the information page includes a free Hibernate audio meditation.
(I would love to know what you think of it! Please leave a comment or send me an email.)



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