Posted by: Cathy | November 12, 2014

November Challenges: writing, jogging, doodling, journaling

(I was supposed to have a guest post today, but the blogger is having computer problems! I hope I can share her article next month.)

Coach Blog 111214 What is it about November and challenges?

In years past, I have participated in National Novel Writing Month but I knew I didn’t have the creative energy and stamina this year. So I thought about other types of challenges I’d like to do and found a number of them for November:

* I’m doing my own #dailydoodle challenge
* I’m doing a 100-mile walk/jog/run challenge from Running with Curves
* I’m doing the Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+ guts) Out program from Lisa Lister at The Sassy SHE
* I’m doing the free Ease, Beauty, & Confidence Holiday Challenge starting Nov 24

It looks like a lot, but it’s all stuff that will move me forward on various goals, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Next time you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself – what kind of challenge could help move me forward? Maybe any challenge will boost your energy and help inspire various parts of your life. If you can’t find a specific challenge, make one up. Give yourself a 9-hour writing or art marathon with six half-hour breaks. Give yourself a weekend meditation or yoga retreat. Give yourself a networking challenge where you email six other blogs as a guest-poster.

You don’t need to stay stuck. Decide what kind of motivation you need and find it or create it for yourself.


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