Posted by: Cathy | November 3, 2014

Turning around Negative Thoughts

Coach Blog 110314 It’s funny that I’m writing on this topic today. I chose my topic months ago, but today I really needed to hear what I’m writing (I wrote this on Oct 27). A friend broke an ankle yesterday and he’s in a lot of pain. I know he’ll be okay, but I’m worrying about him. I know worry isn’t a useful emotion; it’s a reflection that I care about a situation and have no power to change it. It’s rooted in fear and reactivity.

So how do I turn around this emotion? It’s difficult to see when I’m mired in it. I know it has something to do with choosing a different emotion and catching myself whenever the worry pops up again. I can take whatever action is in my power to take; I drew a “get well” doodle for him, I asked him to let me know how I can help, I can offer to make him dinner, etc. I can also allow myself some time to worry, to journal about my feelings, but not let the worry carry me away. Worry is about my reaction to a situation, when he is the one in actual pain and I should be funneling the energy from
worry into something helpful and supportive. Even if all I can do is email him doodles.

When you find yourself in a negative emotion (and by negative, I mean any emotion you’re not enjoying), pause and notice what is happening. Are you reacting to something? How can you step out of the reaction and take some deliberate action?

Don’t let reactive thinking rule you. Choose your response and reclaim your power.

(For more on reactive thinking, check out Dr. Darren Weissman’s show on Hay House Radio!)



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