Posted by: Cathy | October 22, 2014

Coach nibble: Reset Button

Coach Blog 010114 Today’s coach nibble topic comes from Justine: “This year, I feel like I didn’t get anything done for various reasons. I want a reset button to drop the guilt/shame/disappointment over this year so I can make space to create an awesome 2015.”

You absolutely can create an energetic reset button. Here are a few options to consider.

1. Craft an actual reset button. You can sew a piece of felt or quilt some fabric into a little pillow with “Reset” embroidered on top. As you’re stuffing your pillow, insert some pieces of paper with words like “clarity,” “renew,” and “release,” or any other positive things you want to get out of your reset. I often find that doing a craft project helps clear my mind, too. When your pillow is done, give it a squeeze when you want to invoke a reset.

2. Rest! The word “reset” includes the word “rest.” Take 30 minutes and do as little as possible. Sit with a cup of tea and look out the window or watch your cat napping. As the seconds tick, picture the old stuff moving behind you and picture yourself moving toward some new, good stuff. If you can take more than 30 minutes, do something that would feed and inspire your soul – take a nature walk, give yourself a spa day, do some volunteer work, or go browse at your favorite museum.

3. Pick a project for focus and prioritize it. I would say not to worry about why 2014 wasn’t productive at the moment. Sure, there is stuff you can learn about what didn’t work but, when you’re so close to it and emotionally drained, it will be difficult to objectively look at what when wrong. Maybe put a date 2-3 months ahead to review the previous year. For right now, pick one project you really want to move forward and commit to it, then work up an action plan and figure out the first step you can take forward. (Check out my free “Begin Beginning” e-booklet on the Downloads page under Project Planning.)

There are many rituals you can do to release something. The magic ingredient is your intention. With a strong intention, simply walking through a doorway or getting out of bed in the morning can leave old, stagnant energy behind!

Let me know if you try one or more of these tips, or share your own ritual in the comments!


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