Posted by: Cathy | October 15, 2014

Questing Questions

Coach Blog 101514 I typically do my annual review in the fall, since my birthday is September 30 and that gives me time before the holiday rush begins to look at the prior year and gear up for a new one. One great way to review is with questions.

The most powerful question in a review is WHY – Why was project X successful? Why wasn’t project Z successful? Why do I want change A in the new year? Why is B no longer serving me?

Knowing why helps you learn from your experience. Something might feel right or wrong, but exploring why will help you identify the root of a situation and move in the right direction for you.

Let your inner three-year old run wild with “why”. Spend a portion of your review questioning everything, especially things that are established or habits that are ingrained. You might be surprised to uncover that you want to do something different or try something new. Recognize that your “why” today will probably be different than your “why” next year, so you need to keep asking it.

Give “why” a try!

If you’d like another questing resource, check out my free offering Vision Dive – A Questing Workbook.



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