Posted by: Cathy | October 6, 2014

What isn’t working anymore? Beginning to Release

The first step to releasing something is to be open to releasing it.

Coach Blog 100614 Someone who enjoys smoking is not going to quit smoking. Someone who knows intellectually that smoking cigarettes contributes to health problems is not going to quit smoking. A smoker needs to decide to quit on a deeper level, and that begins with being open to quitting.

Releasing something begins with the possibility of release, and then imagining what life would be like without the released thing.

Think of something in your life that isn’t serving you; maybe it’s a closet of craft supplies or old “skinny” clothes, maybe it’s credit card debt, maybe it’s a relationship with a “friend” who takes more than she gives. Whatever it is, it probably feels emotionally heavy or charged when your mind touches on it. Pick one such thing in your life and consider if you could be open to releasing it.

Holding on to “it” is filling a need for you – for me, I have a closet of craft supplies. Some of these things I haven’t used in over 10 years, and yet I’ve lugged it with me to 4 different apartments. Holding onto this stuff makes me feel prepared and that one day I could be really productive; but, in reality, all of this stuff is contributing to a lack mentality. I might need it “someday”, and if I give it away I won’t be able to recover it. If I want to embrace abundance, I need to recirculate this stagnant stuff in my closet. Someone else could be making great use of it and be thankful to receive it, whereas it’s just been collecting dust in my closet for 10 years.

By being open to releasing this stuff, I can focus on the good that will come from it and that will help me take steps to release it.

What do you need to release? Can you begin to be open to release it?

(Next week, we’ll talk about making an exit strategy!)



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