Posted by: Cathy | October 1, 2014

Interview: Naomi Goodlet

Our October interview is with Naomi Goodlet of

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1. How long have you been interested in personal development? What started you on this path?

It was my own healing journey that led me want to coach and help others. As a teenager I had crippling anxiety and panic attacks that became worse into my 20’s. I was on anti-depressants at a young age and was in some form of mainstream therapy for about 8 years, still my anxiety remained, in fact it had gained power over me. I stopped leaving the house unless I really needed to, When I did go out I became paranoid about being close to an exit ‘just in case’. I would sit awake in bed at night trembling, crying and wishing my anxiety would leave me alone!

In 2005 I discovered meditation, which changed everything. I forced myself to get my butt to a weekly class despite feeling anxious and it completely changed my life. I learnt about the power of the present moment, the magic of guided imagery and the capacity for self-healing that was already within me.

In 2006 I became a qualified spiritual healer and meditation teacher and even though anxiety was still a part of my life, I was no longer afraid of it. Then I discovered Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and it helped me get over those final hurdles to become anxiety-free. I was amazed at how simple, yet effective ACT was for me so I decided to become an ACT practitioner as well. I absolutely LOVE helping people discover mindfulness, tap into their spirituality and life their best life!

2. Who have been your biggest teachers? (Authors, bloggers, artists, coaches, etc.)

Russ Harris and Marci Shimoff are my favourite authors. I’ve read their books again and again.

3. What is the most profound life lesson you’ve experienced?

That I am worthy of having money spent on me. I used to struggle with a number of strange ailments requiring expensive tests, specialist appointments and hospital procedures. I used to think that is was such a waste to be spending money just on my health when I could have used it for other things.

Thankfully about 5 years ago I was able to see how dysfunctional my thinking was and make some big changes. Now I value and cherish my health more than ever.

4. What lesson is most challenging to you? What do you keep re-learning or remembering but it hasn’t stuck?

That I am worthy of love, money and success. I break through a layer and then travel along steadily for a while before I come across another challenge. It feels as though I’m making good progress though!

5. Where do you go (physically, mentally, and/or spiritually) to help integrate your learning?

I actually process much of my learning while driving or in the shower!

6. What self-care practices do you have to support your well-being?

I am committed to doing some basic yoga everyday and I almost always have a green smoothie for breakfast too.

7. What is something you’ve stopped doing to improve your well-being?

Stressing and worrying. I used to get worked up about silly things, I would expect the absolute worst in every situation and I’d have my husband’s funeral planned if he was home late from work and I hadn’t heard from him. These days I make peace with just about every situation and I use mindfulness to separate myself from my thoughts.

8. What is a great personal development or well-being resource you want to mention?

The Happiness Trap, a book written by Dr Russ Harris. I always say to my clients that if you only ever read 1 self-help book, make it this one. This book is the reason that I have been able to free myself from anxiety.

9. What do you want to teach anyone reading this? What is the most important thing you want to share in this moment?

You don’t need to change your circumstances in order to find joy and meaning in every moment. You can generate your own joy and start now with what you have. Don’t put off your happiness!

Naomi Goodlet is a bestselling author, mindfulness crusader, spiritual rebel, acceptance & commitment therapy ACT-ivist, anxiety hacker and blogger at



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