Posted by: Cathy | September 15, 2014

Leaves of Change: Your goal in a changing environment

Coach Blog 091514 I hate when I work really hard on something and then the situation changes or the project morphs and what I did before becomes irrelevant. Or that’s how it seems.

I’ve started a number of fiction stories, some I will never finish. Part of me laments the time I “wasted” on these projects; and yet all writing is preparation for the writing that comes after so, even though those early projects didn’t serve the purpose I intended, they still serve a purpose. I had to reframe what the purpose was to see the value.

Very few things are actually wasted. A relationship may sour, but you learn something from it. A lead may be a dead-end, but it gives you an idea for another try elsewhere.

Finding the value in a “waste” is uncomfortable, because it means changing our perspective, changing our focus, or simply opening up to new possibilities. It means the figurative map we were using wasn’t wrong, it was just missing some information (I’m looking at you, Google maps).

It’s difficult to be actively working on a goal and yet receptive to change at the same time. These are two different mind-sets; yang and yin. To make it easier, notice when you’ve been active/yang for a while and consciously take some receptive/yin time and vice versa. Go a step further and write your daily to-do list with a balance of active/yang and receptive/yin activities.

Change happens and we can’t stop it, but we can soften toward it so its effects aren’t so bothersome.



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