Posted by: Cathy | September 8, 2014

Sunset on Your Goal

Coach Blog 090814 I know we’re into September, but I still get surprised to see the sun rising so late and setting so early. Since I’ve been using a seasonal metaphor for our goals, let’s consider how sunset feels for your goal.

* Is there anything you’re wrapping up?
* Is there a deadline where you’re running out of time?
* Is anything going into stasis?

Each of these could fit the metaphor of “sunset”, but they each have a different feeling with them. Wrapping up a project feels to me like confidence and accomplishment. Running out of time feels like overwhelm and hurry. Going into stasis feels like unwinding after a long day and letting my body relax into my bed.

Notice how you talk about your projects as they wind down and consider if your choice of language could change the energy around the project. Instead of dropping something that isn’t serving you, try retiring it. Instead of overwhelm, try to schedule some focused action. Instead of quitting a project, see if you can repurpose it.

As the days get shorter, I hope you can take some time to enjoy a sunset and consider this metaphor for yourself!



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