Posted by: Cathy | August 20, 2014

Guest Post: Achieve Your Goals by Eli King

Personal growth contributes to our happiness, and in order to grow we need to be expanding ourselves, challenging ourselves and always moving forward. This often means that we set goals that we want to achieve. But just setting the goal isn’t enough, we also need to plan out how we are going to achieve these goals, then actually take those actions and start moving forward.

This is especially true in the world of health and fitness. Working out just for the sake of working out, is boring and de-motivating. We always want to be working towards a goal. For many of us, it’s weight loss, but for some it is to be bigger, faster, stronger. Better.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, the goal setting process is always the same. What do you really want?

Often it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what you want. You want to feel better, you want to be healthier… but what does that mean for you? My vision of what healthy means will be completely different from yours. So we need to make each goal specific.

Do you want to run a race? Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Do you want to be able to compete in a sport, or be able to run up the stairs without panting.

Really get down to the nitty gritty. For example some of my workout goals this year are:

– Do 1 Pull Up
– Run 10km in under an hour
– Get to 17% Body Fat

As you can see these are super specific, which means I can actually work towards them rather than trying to lose an undetermined amount of weight, or to ‘be fitter’

Once you’ve narrowed your goal down it’s time to add some deadlines. Deadlines make things happen. Don’t think of them as goal dates – we have a bad habit of moving these. Make them Deadlines. This HAS to happen by …

This is where we can get a little un-realistic and start going crazy. Changing your body and your lifestyle takes time, you have to add in a little time for bumps in the road. You will have days when you don’t stick to your plan. Allow for this in your deadlines.

Make sure you are only working towards one thing at a time. Talk to a fitness professional if you need a guide for how long you’ll need to train for each thing. A good guide for weight loss is 1kg per week then add a couple of weeks buffer. For running 1 week per km so if you’re running 10km you’ll need 10 weeks. 5km 5 weeks, 40km 40 weeks.

Tackling one thing at a time will keep you focused and will keep you seeing results.

So you’ve got your goals, you’ve got your deadlines we’re done right? Wrong. Now comes the hard part. ACTION TAKING!!

What do you need to do every single day to reach your goals? If I want to be able to do a pull up I need to practice every day. If I want to get to 17% body fat I have to do the right kind of workout, and I have to eat right. I have a meal plan, and an exercise plan that I follow to get there. To run 10km I run a certain distance every day and follow a running plan.

I’m a rule maker. I’m really good at sticking to rules. So I wrote a list of rules that I have to follow every day to get to my goals. I made a chart and every day I tick it off if I followed the rules. I can see my progress everyday all those ticks adding up keeps me on track.

Make a sticker chart and stick it somewhere you’re going to see it every day. Tick off the rules you stuck to and put a big cross when you didn’t. Each day try and do as many as you can. If you are consistently missing the mark, it’s time to re-assess your rule. Why is it so hard to stick to? What is going wrong? Maybe it’s too restrictive or maybe it isn’t restrictive enough. Play around with it until you get it right.

The most important part is to take consistent action. That’s the role of the sticker chart. It also forces to you continually assess your progress, so you can visually see where things are going wrong. If you are really struggling to get out the door for your run every day, perhaps it isn’t the right goal for you and maybe you should work towards something else. Or perhaps you just need to make a few tweaks to your routine and get out the door first thing before excuses have time to work their way in.

Keep assessing every single day until you reach your goal or your deadline – whichever comes first.


If you only take one thing from this post, let it be the habit of continually re-assessing and monitoring your progress. Working towards personal goals is an ongoing process and it’s messy. Some days will be better than others. You’ll take 2 steps forward 1 step back. You’ll go round and round in circles for a while. And that’s okay. It’s all a part of the journey, but if you aren’t monitoring it, you’ll feel like you’ll never move forward. You’ll get de-motivated, and go back to the bad habits that made you miserable in the first place.

You can do this! Get started today!

Yours in health,


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coach Blog 082014 EKing
Eli is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Her online Program the Seven Day Slim has helped hundreds of women detox their bodies and kick-start their weight loss, introducing them to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Eli’s blog & youtube channel focus on making fitness fun, and breaking it down into 15 minute workouts that you can do at home with no equipment – which means no excuses!!


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