Posted by: Cathy | August 11, 2014

Rock around the Block

Next time you’re feeling blocked or frustrated on your goal, try having a dance party. Shift the stagnation by moving your body!

Coach Blog 081114 The easy way to do this is just put on your favorite music and dance around the room. Try it for even one or two songs and you’ll see you already feel better just by letting go and dancing. When you feel better, you might have a different mindset to tackle your goal again.

Another option for your dance party is to find some music with motivational lyrics or by artists who have overcome adversity and who personally inspire you. Create a block-busting playlist. This is more elaborate, and if you’re going to procrastinate anyway you may as well procrastinate by thinking peripherally about your goal; but be sure you don’t get so elaborate that it becomes something else to procrastinate over!

A third way is to ditch the music/dancing if that isn’t your thing but to move your body another way. Go for a hike or a jog. Play with your dog or cat. Do some chores for 15 minutes. Get in your body and out of your head for a while, then go back to your project and see if your perspective has shifted.

Feeling blocked or frustrated is a mindset. By getting out of your mind for a bit, you might be able to drop the negative mindset and move forward.



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