Posted by: Cathy | July 28, 2014

Progress Boost – Concentrated Action

Coach Blog 072814 Sometimes, slow and steady progress leads you toward successful completion of a project. Other times, a progress boost of concentrated action is in order.

You can claim a boost in various sizes. Decide what size is right for you and your project:
* Schedule 2 hours in your calendar this week to get a specific portion of work done.
* Set aside a “power” hour after lunch every Friday to blast through some tasks.
* Schedule a mini retreat once per quarter to work four hours on a special project.
* Schedule a to-do date with a friend or colleague – meet for coffee or lunch with your laptops or creative materials, talk about what you plan to get done during your date, and work side-by-side for a set block of time, then recap and encourage each other when your block is over.

When planning a boost, here are some other tips:
* Specify exactly what you will accomplish. Consider how much time you can schedule and be sure your task(s) are realistic for that amount of time.
* Be sure you have all the materials you need available for your task(s) or include preparation/acquisition time in your boost session.
* Tell someone about your boost to give you accountability and encouragement. If it helps your productivity, post “before” and “after” photos on Facebook or Instagram.
* Stay focused during your boost. Turn off the ringer on your phone. Don’t check email. Put an out-of-office message on your email/voicemail.
* Immediately after your boost, try to schedule some time to relax. Go for a walk, make a cup of tea, go see a movie, meet a friend for lunch, etc.

Schedule a progress boost soon! Let me know what you commit to do in the comments!


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