Posted by: Cathy | July 21, 2014

Creative Harbor

Coach Blog 072114 The more creative our work is, the more we need to protect it. Today, I’d like to encourage you to establish a creative harbor to shelter your work.

An actual harbor is open to the sun, wind, and rain, but it has a protective wall to keep disruptive and dangerous waves out. It creates a safe place to moor your boat until you’re ready to go out into the open water. It’s a place for you to rest and prepare before going on an adventure.

Use this analogy to think about your creative process. If your goal or project is the “boat”, what do you do to protect it before your launch? How do you know when your project is “sea-worthy”? As captain, do you know how you’re steering your project? Do you know how to navigate this lake or ocean? Who can you radio for help if you get lost or stuck?

Analogies are a creative way to compare two situations. If you’re not familiar with boating, change it to something you know, like planning a road-trip or throwing a birthday party. Think of what steps you need to take in a situation where you’re familiar and translate those steps for your creative project. This helps you look at things from a different perspective and flex some extra creativity, both of which can help you if you get confused or frustrated with your project.

What can you share about your creative harbor, or another analogy that works better for you? Tell me in the comments!



  1. I know this isn’t the point of the post, but I really like the wood and rope in this picture 🙂 A creative harbor is important, though. When you consider how much of yourself you put into any creative projects, it also translates to emotional safety and security. Interesting concept, Cathy!

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you liked my rope 🙂

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