Posted by: Cathy | July 16, 2014

Guest Post: Living Curiously – A Personal Development Story by Sarah Leonard

For me, personal development is something that is essential to my own well-being. I can’t ever imagine being in a place where I feel I have learned everything I need to. I don’t think I’ll ever believe I have done all of the things that life has to offer, or experienced all of the adventures there are waiting for me.

So, how do I tend to that need? How do I ensure that I am continually evolving, learning new things and expanding my horizons? For me, it’s all about living curiously.

I aim to live a curious life – that means keeping my heart and mind open to new experiences and ideas, looking for inspiration in every nook and cranny I can find and keeping my creative momentum moving forwards.

I wasn’t always this way – I have suffered from depression and anxiety, I have been a cynic, a pessimist and I have lacked any belief in myself or my gifts. I certainly didn’t use to think that my gifts could possibly support me financially.

So what changed? Back in 2008 I was given the book version of The Secret. I read it with interest – having been told that it had the power to change my life. I had never ever read a self-help book before this one, and ordinarily I wouldn’t have given them the time of day. I was very much of the mindset that I should be able to solve my own problems and be strong independently of any outside props.

This book opened my heart and mind to the idea of positivity, abundance and ease. This was an absolute revelation for me at the time. It was the polar opposite of my previous mindset and experiences, and I literally lapped up the teachings and went searching for more.

My search led me to the lovely Leonie Dawson, to spirituality and to a freedom of choice I had never thought possible. I went from a cynical person who didn’t think it was possible to make a living from my gifts to a creative business owner just starting out with Wicca and exploring new ideas, rituals and mantras each and every day.

So, what would my tips be for allowing yourself to expand and grow into your ideal self? Here are some ideas for you to take away:

  • Keep your heart and mind open. New opportunities can only come to you if you are open to them.
  • Look for the obvious things that may be lying undiscovered right under your nose. I hadn’t thought of offering music lessons until this year even though I am a fully qualified music teacher! I hadn’t realized that Wicca could be for me even though I have spent so much time reading about and watching programmes about Wicca.
  • Follow the whispers. There may be a trail of breadcrumbs on the internet or in your local library that leads you to something that really lights you up. Be open to spending the time exploring these trails of inspiration.
  • Have fun. Allow yourself to play, to make mistakes, to make a mess. Try. Don’t be too perfectionist about it – let yourself expand into your skills and ideas gradually.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you in your day to day life. Here’s to making it the best life you possibly can and singing your own song loudly and proudly from the highest branch in the tallest tree in your neighbourhood.

curiously sarah
Sarah Leonard is a curious soul, who lives a magical creative life with her kitties and her husband. She runs an Etsy store full to the brim with artistic curiousities, and writes regularly on her blog A Cat-Like Curiosity. She is also the founder of The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood, a gorgeous community full of light, life and inspiration.

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