Posted by: Cathy | July 14, 2014

Goal Play – Making Progress Fun

Especially in the middle of a project, I often find my energy lag. Give yourself a productivity boost by having a little fun with your goal.

Coach Blog 071414 * Review the steps you’ve completed and create a colorful bar graph to fill in as you progress.
* Create a map with “cities” for each step and move a picture of yourself along the route as you go.
* Give a persona to different aspects of your project and draw or find digital images to represent your project team.
* Create a Pinterest board, Tumblr page, or Facebook album and share photos with friends and colleagues as you complete each step.
* Challenge yourself with deadlines and race toward the next step.
* Give yourself prizes as you accomplish major milestones. Put photos of your treats in your calendar to motivate you.
* Do a happy dance when you finish a step. Maybe pick a “theme song” for your project and rock out to it periodically.

Whatelse would help you have more fun with your goal? Share your ideas in the comments!


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