Posted by: Cathy | July 9, 2014


We are all the authors of our lives. Give yourself the authority to create a great one!

Coach Blog 070914 To claim what you want, literally write it down. Here are a few exercises to try. Pick one or do them all:

* Write a prophetic story of how your life will look one year in the future.
* Write a personal mission statement.
* Write a permission slip to be the person you want to be.
* Write personal affirmations in your calendar or planner system to claim the life you want.

If writing isn’t your thing, here are some visual alternatives:

* Draw a comic strip of a typical day in your life one year in the future.
* Collage your personal mission statement or create a vision board.
* Create colorful coupons to give yourself permission to do what you want.
* Create a personal logo representing who you want to be.

Start each day checking in with who you want to be and the kind of day you want to have. End each day reviewing what steps you took to move toward your vision for the future. Don’t judge yourself if you didn’t get much done! This is about being aware of making change and committing to it daily. Take little steps forward and soon you’ll be living the life you desire!

Claim authority to be an awesome author of your ideal life.


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