Posted by: Cathy | June 30, 2014

IAM – Inspired Action Manifests

When you’re working toward a goal, inspiration is your fuel and sets your goal in motion. Then you need to take action to create your vision. Slowly, your vision becomes manifested in the real world. The more you manifest, the more inspired you will be to make more changes in your world. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Coach Blog 063014 Inspired

To tap into this cycle, ask yourself three questions.

1. What inspires you?
Make a list of things you love, things that fill you up. Spend a few minutes every day thinking about something you love. Whenever you’re tired or feeling down, make a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of water and sit for 5 minutes thinking about something you love.

2. What are your favorite actions?
Think about the things you like to do. How can you incorporate more of what you like into what you need to do? For instance, you might need to clean the bathroom, but is there a way to do it that is more enjoyable (put on some music and dance while you clean, create a bathroom blessing ceremony, etc.)?

3. What do you want to manifest?
Make a bucket list of things you want to create. Write down everything, no matter how impractical. Write an epic poem. Paint a mural on the garage door. Make a quilt for each of your 10 best friends. Create a coffee-table book of 100 antique coffee tables. Build a sandcastle on the beach of all seven seas. Collect a rock from all 50 states and arrange them decoratively in your garden. When the time feels right, pick one project and get started.

Inspired action manifests. Give it a try!


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