Posted by: Cathy | June 23, 2014

Make a Cool Transition

It’s officially summer! In the northern hemisphere, at least. But I’ve got one more post about spring.

In my seasons-as-projects metaphor, spring is the planning-organizing-growing energy phase. I think the transition into summer is a great time to pause and check-in to be sure you’ll have the stamina to do the heavy lifting of summer (implementation).

Coach Blog 062314 I like taking breaks. Breaks take us out of auto-pilot and bring us back to mindfulness. I encourage you to take lots of breaks, whether it’s a long winter rest or a brief pause to be sure you’re on the right track. Pick whatever size break is right for you. Maybe you want to take 20 minutes to go over your game plan. Maybe you want to take a weekend retreat to finalize the rest of your details. Decide what kind of break is good for you and schedule it in your calendar.

You can also celebrate this transition between spring and summer (preparation and implementation) with a launch party. Again, it can be whatever size you want. Invite a friend over for tea and talk about your project. Ask her questions and get her opinion. Let her ask you questions. This will give you another set of eyes to test your idea before you invest lots of time and energy. Or throw a party and get your energy up as you prepare to manifest your idea. Invite supportive friends and ask them to sign a guestbook with well-wishes for you and your goal.

No matter what you decide, recognize your transition, your progress, and your abilities!


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