Posted by: Cathy | June 16, 2014

When your goal is Spring in the world

Coach Blog 061614 I have a new project in the “Spring”/growing phase. It’s a new fiction story. I’ve done some brainstorming on it and I sit and daydream about the characters. I haven’t written any of the narrative yet, just some backstory ideas and plot points.

It feels very new and tender, like a small tree getting its first buds of the year. I’m not sure what color or fragrance the flowers will have at this point, so I’m wide-eyed and anticipating the reveal.

Spring is exciting and full of possibility. My story could go in any direction at this point, though it’s growing in focus the more I think about it. I’m slowly narrowing down the possibilities to a specific path. I’ll map out the path and then I’ll start really writing it.

I’m taking a new approach with this project, letting my process evolve slowly, getting curious about how I write and how my process could better serve me and the story. I’m allowing this soft, growing phase to draw out and take its own time. It’s marked with curiosity, optimism, and a little awe.

What phase is your current project in? How could you infuse a little of this growing energy into it?

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