Posted by: Cathy | June 13, 2014

Recipe recap: vegetableau

In addition to this coaching blog, I have a vegetarian food blog, vegetableau.

Here is my latest monthly recap of recipes. If you’d like to follow along more frequently, please follow that blog on tumblr or twitter @vegetableau!

vegetableau 041814 Apricot Pilaf
Artichokes with Ricotta
Arugula Salad – Insalata Di Rucola
Bell Pepper Fried Egg
Cabbage ‘n Noodles
Carrot Slaw with Celery
Cold Ziti with Ricotta and Tomatoes
Grapes and Fontina on Crackers
Greens Eggs
Pasta Shells with Arugula and Green Apple
Purple Soup
Quick Caprese Salad
Red Potato Salad
Salad with Seasoned Ricotta
Savory Mashed Yams with Peaches
White and Green Stew


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