Posted by: Cathy | May 19, 2014

How is your Spring going?

It’s hard to believe, but Spring is half-way over! How is your Spring going?

Mine has been bumpy; like they say, April showers bring May flowers. I had a difficult winter, both weather-wise and project-wise, and I began spring feeling aimless and frustrated. I allowed myself to relax, drop the story of difficulty from last season, and simply enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Slowly, I began to feel invigorated. I felt a figurative and literal thaw.

Coach Blog 051914 Now, I’m making baby-steps on different projects. I’m slowly gaining strength and vitality, like the trees are gaining buds and flowers.

I’m taking my cues from nature and not berating myself for being less than productive. Productivity has a natural cycle. Projects have a cycle. Days have a cycle. Some days I have more energy for my projects than others. I’m learning to honor this and drop expectations that I can do the same amount of quality work every day.

Dropping this expectation allows me to show up as I am in a given day or even a given hour and do what I am capable of doing. Some days, all I can do is post an inspirational message on Twitter. Other days, I can write a whole class-worth of content. Both are fine, and neither dictates how the following hour or day needs to be.

That’s what Spring is teaching me – show up, take a deep breath, and see what wants to sprout.

What is Spring teaching you?


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