Posted by: Cathy | May 14, 2014

Make Light of Circumstances

Coach Blog 051414 I forget where this phrase came up for me recently, but it stuck in my mind. “Make light of circumstances.” I think it was intended to mean “light” as the opposite of heavy, but I want to play with it as “light” the opposite of dark.

If you’re going through a problem or a conflict, try shining a light on it. Illuminate it. Focus on it and try to see all the details and nuances. Look for new information; facts, not stories. Try to be objective. Then see if this new information can help shift your perspective.

When I’m frustrated with something, it’s like there’s a dark Eeyore cloud hovering over me, coloring the situation. When I notice I’m in that mood, I try to take a few deep breaths and let the cloud float away. The cloud symbolically represents my fog of negative emotions, clouding my judgment and perceptions. With my emotions set aside, I can usually process the situation more effectively and take conscious action to improve it.

The next time you’re feeling upset or reactive, try to bring light to the situation and see things more clearly.


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