Posted by: Cathy | May 5, 2014

Growing Pains

A few days or weeks into beginning a project, you may experience “growing pains.” When this happens to me, I go back and review my preparation.

Coach Blog 050514 As I said last week, change and growth can be painful. One way to minimize some of the pain is to be prepared and plan in some contingency.

Here are some items to review:
* Am I still in touch with my excitement for this project? What made me begin it, and what am I working toward?
* Do I have all the resources I need to be successful for this? If not, what am I missing? (Time and energy are resources, too!)
* Do I have my action steps planned out, or do I need to break them down even further? (Baby steps can help you work through boredom or frustration.)
* Have I balanced work on this project with adequate rest and self-care? What can I do to support myself through this project?
* Can I reach out to a friend or colleague to boost my motivation or ask for advice? What specifically would I like to receive from this person?

Pause and answer these questions whenever your project hits a snag. They can act like a compass to keep you moving in the right direction.



  1. Like the post, but the illustration is the best part 😛

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