Posted by: Cathy | April 16, 2014

Goal Marrow – the Life Force inside Your Goal

I got the image of “goal marrow”, like bone marrow, as something inside your goal which helps feed it and keep it growing. Then I looked up “marrow” in a dictionary and found a second meaning in Scotland and North England: “a partner, fellow worker, or helpmate.”

Coach Blog 041614 That roused my interest and I’m going to elaborate on this second definition. What if you looked at your goal not as a task or to-do list item and instead viewed it as a partner or helpmate?

Your goal needs you to help make it real, and you need the goal to learn and grow on your life-path. You really are partners. How would it change your action plan from this standpoint? What would you do differently thinking of your goal as a partner and not a task?

Here are some ideas that came to me:
* Interview your goal, as I’ve suggested before. How does it feel about your progress? What could it suggest you improve or change?

* Give your goal a personality. It might have some inherent characteristics. For example, if your goal is to write a book, the personality might match the energy of the plot. If your goal is to run a 5k, the personality might be active and energetic. Invoke this personality to help keep you moving forward.

* Make dates with your goal. Give it a name (Charlie!) and schedule your dates in your agenda. Make it as important to keep these dates as it would be to keep a lunch date with your best friend.

This idea of your goal as a partner still meshes with my original analogy of bone marrow. Your goal has a persona inside to feed it and keep it growing. Tap into this strength and it will benefit you and your progress!


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