Posted by: Cathy | April 14, 2014

Play with Possibility

I heard the phrase “Playing with Possibility” recently and I decided to take it literally and create a possibility game.

I created a colored die you can customize with different possibilities on each of the six faces. You can have one general die to throw when you’re bored or blocked, or you can create different dice for different projects; for example, a fitness die with different movement activities on each face, or a creativity die with different art or craft mediums.

Create your die with my template (PDF file) and explore the possibilities!

Coach Blog 041414 possibility cube For my die, I decided to go with a chakra theme:
* For the red square, I wrote Move to tap into the physical nature of my root chakra.
* For orange, I scrawled Draw to open up the creativity of my sacral chakra.
* For yellow, I marked Plan to activate the intention-setting of my solar plexus chakra.
* For green, I put Share to invoke the love of my heart chakra.
* For blue, I chose Listen to become receptive to my communication/throat chakra.
* For violet, I inscribed Meditate to spend time with the spirituality of the crown chakra.

Students of the chakras will notice that is only six of the seven major chakras, since our die has only six sides. I left off the indigo, third-eye chakra, but I feel that simply using the die is activating the indigo chakra, since you are using your vision and intuition to create the die and follow through with an action on the face you get.

You could also consider leaving one face blank and let your intuition fill it in; if you get the blank square, take note of the first action that comes to mind and do it.

The first time I rolled my die, I got the green Share square, which is perfect, because now I’m sharing this project with you and sending you lots of love as you customize it and make use of it!

Note that all of the words I wrote on my die are verbs. Possibility is the doorway to action. Possibility is the potential for ability. In every moment, there are an infinite number of possibilities available to you, but you need to create something to bring that possibility into the physical world, and creation requires action. It is fun to daydream all of the possibilities for your vacation, for example, but it’s exhilarating to actually get a guidebook, book your hotel, and travel to your destination. It’s more satisfying to actually take the vacation than to imagine the possibilities.

I believe there are no coincidences in life. Our attention lands on things when we need a message or a push from the universe. The words you choose to write on your die are chosen for a reason, even if you don’t know what it is when you write them. Whatever face you get when you roll your die is a message just for you, just in that particular moment. What is the universe trying to tell you? Make your die and find out! Explore the possibilities!

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