Posted by: Cathy | April 7, 2014

Spring Forward – Reclaiming the Lost Hour

Coach Blog 040714 On March 9, we had to “spring forward” our clocks. I despise daylight savings time, which I’ve mentioned before. I’m a creature of habit, and changing hours really messes up my routines and my body rhythms. It takes me a good month to get back into a good set of routines. And that happens twice per year; ergo, I hate it. If I were queen of the world, that would be my first executive action; to abolish daylight savings.

Anyway, I came up with one way to make peace with “losing” an hour. I’m writing a letter to my “fall back” self with some wishes for that hour. When we regain the hour in the fall, I will know how my “spring forward” self would have used that hour and I will be able to make it purposeful.

For example, maybe I wanted to sleep for that hour on March 9. Maybe I wanted to work on a craft project. Maybe I wanted to take my dog for a long walk. Maybe I wanted to go out dancing. Maybe I needed to get a bunch of little tasks done. Write down some options. If there was one thing you really wanted to do, maybe just write that one thing in your letter. If there were a few options on the table, maybe write a prioritized list for your future you to select and allow the future you to reprioritize if necessary.

Maybe, instead of filling the hour, you decide to “gift” it to yourself in the future. Write that letter to her with all of your figurative wishes for that hour; peace, health, and love, or anything else you think you might need more of in the fall.

Write an actual letter to yourself and put it in a drawer. Put a reminder on your calendar to bring out your letter a few days before the “fall back” time change so you can read your letter and make a mindful choice for what to do with the “extra” hour.

By making a plan or a gift of that “lost” hour, we empower ourselves and shift toward abundance. We didn’t really lose anything; it all comes out even eventually.


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