Posted by: Cathy | March 31, 2014

My Half-Birthday!

Coach Blog 033114 Yesterday was my half-birthday! I’ve heard of a few people who celebrate half-birthdays, but not many. Basically, a half-birthday is 6 months after your actual birthday. I don’t remember when I started celebrating, but it’s a fun day for me to think about milestones.

On your half-birthday, you are closer to the next year than the old one. Some people might find that thought depressing, but for me it spurs me on my goals. It’s easier for me to track my annual memories by my birthday rather than the calendar new year, so my half-birthday is an important milestone for my annual planning. Am I half-way toward all the things I wanted to accomplish this birth-year? What has happened for me so far this year, and what else do I want to make happen?

Half-birthdays are also a great excuse to celebrate yourself, regardless of what you have or haven’t accomplished in the past six months. It’s a day for me to be a little silly, pamper myself, and focus on my good qualities. Who can’t use more of that in life?

I hope you’ll look at the calendar and make a date for your own half-birthday. Maybe get your favorite restaurant take-out, or buy yourself some flowers, or give yourself a bubble bath.

This year, my half-birthday coincided with the Denver “I Can Do It” conference, which was a happy accident. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great half-birthday. (I’ll post my review of the conference on April 9.)

Big or small, find a way to celebrate your half-birthday. Or, even better, find a way to celebrate yourself every day of the year!


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