Posted by: Cathy | March 26, 2014

Coach Nibble: Motivation

Coach Blog 010114 Our third coach nibble topic comes from Wanda:

“Motivation. I have all this crap I need to get done and I can’t make myself sit and just do it. Any suggestions?”

My advice is to check in with your WHY – What, How, Yes!

* What exactly are you attempting to do? What are the steps you need to take? Break it into smaller, more managable pieces with deadlines you can put in your calendar. Knowledge is power; if you know all of the action steps required, you might not be as inclined to procrastinate.

* How does it fit in with your life-plan? Does it move you closer to a goal or bucket-list project? How can you better align the task or project with your mission or values? If you can make it feel important to you, you will be less inclined to procrastinate.

* Yes! Say yes to your task or project. Commit to doing it with style, grace, and enthusiasm. Even if it’s something you don’t enjoy doing, say Yes.

For example, I hate cleaning my bathtub, but I love taking bubble baths. Here is my WHY breakdown for this problem.

What exactly am I attempting to do? I’m attempting to clean the bathtub to prepare a beautiful, clean environment for my beloved bubble baths. I need to have the cleaning supplies nearby and I need to have some time set aside to do it.

How does it fit in with my life-plan? I love bubble baths because they are soothing and sensual. I love laying back in the tub breathing in that warm, moist air and the fragrance of candles. I love rubbing bath oil over my skin. It nourishes my soul and is good for my skin and muscles.

Now all I need to do is say Yes and pick a date to do it with grace and enthusiasm. If I want to say Yes to bubble baths, I need to say Yes to cleaning the bathtub.

If you can’t figure out these three things in relation to your task or project, double-check whether you really “need” to get it done or if it’s really a “should” from someone else. If it’s not actually necessary, drop it!


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