Posted by: Cathy | March 12, 2014

How to Break Out of a Rut

Coach Blog 031214 Recently, a friend asked me for some quick tips on how to break out of a rut, and it seemed like a great topic for a blog post! Here are my suggestions:

1. Be contrary – if you’re having difficulty getting motivated on a new resolution, try doing the opposite. For instance, if you want to lose 5 pounds, give yourself permission one day to eat all the junk-food you want. You’ll notice you don’t feel good in your body and might feel renewed motivation toward your fitness goal.

2. Be dramatic – set an extraordinary goal to get yourself moving. Again, say you want to lose 5 pounds; commit to running a marathon or an Iron Man race. Even if you don’t cross the finish line, you might find you lost 5 pounds in the attempt.

3. Connect with what you want to change and why – the “why” is the juice in your batteries. Going back to school is a huge committment, but knowing you’re doing it to increase your income to better provide for your children will help keep you motivated on your late study nights.

4. Celebrate small wins – give yourself credit for every little step you take toward your goal. If you’re trying to write a novel, don’t shame yourself for missing your daily word goal; congratulate yourself for sitting down at your desk and opening your story file! Little wins build momentum.

5. Change something unrelated – when you’re stuck, any movement might shake you out of the pattern. Swap your socks and underpants in the drawer. Rearrange your desk. Drive a different route to work. Do something, anything differently than usual.

6. Use your senses to inspire – if you are a visual person, put a picture representing your goal where you’ll see it often. If you are an auditory person, come up with an inspirational phrase or affirmation you repeat throughout the day. If you are a kinesthetic person, combine some form of movement with a motto, like everytime you buckle up in your car you remind yourself that you are committed to your goal.


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