Posted by: Cathy | March 5, 2014

Interview: Sam Livermore

Our March interview is with Sam Livermore, a Life Alchemist and Gladiator of Love. Founder of Alchemy You, she coaches individuals with a disability or chronic illness to enable them to focus on self-love and motivation allowing them to balance the needs of their health with realising their dreams. You can find out more at

Coach Blog 030514-SLivermore 1. How long have you been interested in personal development? What started you on this path?

Since my late teenage years I was interested in spiritual development, I can remember being really excited when I first discovered the Mind Body & Spirit festival in London, it made me feel normal as I didn’t have any friends who were into the same thing.

2. Who have been your biggest teachers? (Authors, bloggers, artists, coaches, etc.)

There are 2 books that really brought me back to who I am when I was going through difficult chapters of my life. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. In the last year I have had an amazing teacher of love and truth, Simon Paul Sutton.

3. What is the most profound life lesson you’ve experienced?

I think being chronically ill and coming through it has been the most profound lesson, it has taught me self-love, compassion and gratitude for everything I have.

4. What lesson is most challenging to you? What do you keep re-learning or remembering but it hasn’t stuck?

Money, I think this is a lesson that many people have to experience several times until they get it. Money is just a means of exchange; it only has the value you give it. Like many people I have had trouble holding on to money but I am now learning that it is ok to receive.

5. Where do you go (physically, mentally, and/or spiritually) to help integrate your learning?

I think you need time and space to actually carry out the things you learn. We can read 100 different books but unless you give yourself the time to bring them into your practice nothing will change. I create quiet time every week for self- reflection and ask myself what do I need?

6. What self-care practices do you have to support your well-being?

I meditate every day and practice gratitude. Every night I give thanks for the things that happened during the day, even things that challenged me, it is all a lesson. I also write anonymous love letters to connect with that inner truth that we are all love.

7. What is something you’ve stopped doing to improve your well-being?

Last year I went gluten free and also cut out processed sugar. It has had an amazing impact on my health and the amount of energy I have.

8. What is a great personal development or well-being resource you want to mention?

I recently did the “Earth Citizen Journey” with Simon Paul Sutton, it has had a profound impact on my self-development and I also met some life time friends through the group journey.

9. What do you want to teach anyone reading this? What is the most important thing you want to share in this moment?

I want people to know that you create your own happiness. Everything comes from within; you don’t need anyone or anything to give you permission to be happy.


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