Posted by: Cathy | March 3, 2014

Flowing with the Fallow Season

Coach Blog 030314 My year for the word is FLOW, so I was pondering what flow looks like as fallow, and the image of a melting icicle came to mind. Thaw. I think it’s a wonderful concept as we approach the spring.

Especially when I’m in the midst of a creative block, I want to smash the block with an ice pick. I resist the idea of letting the block thaw naturally like an ice cube on a plate. I resist the idea of sitting stuck and not getting anything done, even though I’m only procrastinating anyway.

Next time I feel creatively blocked, I will picture myself as an ice cube on a plate. If I want the block to melt faster, instead of smashing it with an ice pick, I can picture holding a hair-dryer over the ice cube. What could be the figurative hair-dryer? Something hot and portable, my creative passion could be a good hair-dryer for this metaphor.

As my ice block melts, I’m between frozen and thawed. It’s not the most comfortable place, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate where I am and sit with the uncomfortableness. Being uncomfortable can help motivate you to change, but rushing back to comfort isn’t always the answer. Practice pushing through discomfort instead of avoiding it. Don’t reach for the ice pick.

Look for a gentle alternative and respect what you are experiencing in the present moment. Feel the frustration, feel the resistance, and feel the emotional pressure from the block. Then build up your own creative pressure in response. Push back until it’s melted and you’re moving forward again.

Embrace thaw and let yourself flow in little drops of water. A rushing river is just a collection of those little drops.


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