Posted by: Cathy | February 26, 2014

Coach nibble: Outgrowing Goals

Coach Blog 010114 Our second coach nibble topic comes from “Frances”:

“How do you figure out if you should continue to work on achieving your goals or if you’ve outgrown them?”

This is a great question, and is one of the reasons I like to encourage you to do quarterly or even monthly reviews to check in with what you’re doing, how it’s going, and why you’re doing it. If you’re feeling unsatisfied with a project, or want to decide what to work on next, here is an exercise you can try.

Goal Match

Take a few pieces of note or scrap paper and on each one make a doodle representing a project you have in progress or could begin soon. It can be a small, simple doodle; something like a logo or symbol to depict the main idea of your project.

Once you have your doodles done, flip over each piece of paper so you’re looking at a blank side. Hopefully, your pen didn’t bleed through the paper so you can’t tell which is which; if not, do this with your eyes closed. Swirl your papers around and take a centering breath, then flip one of your doodles over.

* What is your immediate thought when you see your doodle for this project?
* What is the first feeling you get looking at this doodle?
* Is this thought and feeling positive or negative, or neutral?

Write down your impressions on an extra piece of paper. Do this for each project doodle you did. When you’re done, put the positive thoughts/feelings doodles in the “keep doing” pile, and perhaps rank these in order of your excitement. For the negative thoughts/feelings doodles, take a moment to reflect on your project. Are there any repercussions if you release this project? How can you make a graceful exit? Can you repurpose any of the resources or supplies for something more satisfying?

When you’re ready to release something, don’t feel guilty about it! If you’ve thought it through and decided it isn’t right for you any more, make up a little ritual to release the energy back into the universe and process anything you learned from the project with gratitude.

Not every project or goal needs to come to completion. Release what you’ve outgrown and save your energy for what is important!

I would love to hear if this exercise helped you! Please leave a comment, or send me an email if you’d prefer to keep it private (exploringyourdepths

If you liked working through this coach nibble and would be interested in one-on-one coaching with me, check out my coaching information page and F.A.Q. and email me if you have any questions!


If you’re having difficulty with a goal for creative writing, I’d like to remind you about my “LOVE Your Writing” e-class, available on-demand. We go through another exercise to revisit your old works-in-progress to decide what you should keep doing, among lots of other things!


I’m accepting submissions for next month’s coach nibble. If you would like to give me a topic you’re dealing with, please email it to me! (exploringyourdepths I’d love my examples to directly help people. You can give me a code-name or I can just say the topic is from Anonymous for your privacy.

Everyone who suggests a coach nibble topic each month will be put in a drawing for a free 15-minute coaching session! (One entry per person per month.) You would be amazed at what we can uncover in 15 minutes, so don’t poo-poo it. When I select which topic to post that month, I’ll see if there are any common themes; or if there aren’t, I’ll select one at random, and the free session drawing will come from those who were not answered in the blog that month. (So you either get your topic posted in the blog or you get entered to win a free 15-minute session.)

If I get lots of coach nibble topics each month, I will consider doing them more often.


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