Posted by: Cathy | February 24, 2014

Fallow Momentum

Even when you’re being fallow, you still have microscopic momentum. It might sound counter-intuitive, but think of this: even a boulder firmly stuck in the ground experience change. It accumulates dust, moss, rain, and sun. You need to watch it with a time-lapse camera to notice these little changes, but they are there.

Coach Blog 022414 As you’re practicing being fallow, notice what tiny changes you’re experiencing. Do you have a little more mental space to help you get through a busy day? Do you have a little more gratitude for the every-day things in your life, like electric heating and tea kettles? Do you feel a little softer or more receptive?

Playing with the concept of fallow is a gradual change. It takes us a lot of effort to notice these tiny changes, and some people might think it’s not an equal exchange, but I say sometimes the tiniest things can be the most important. Try it out and see what tiny changes you experience being fallow. Like meditation, it might take a while to make it a regular practice, but the benefits can become enormous.



  1. love that analogy, even a bolder has signs of life!

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