Posted by: Cathy | February 10, 2014

Can you be blocked on not-doing?

Usually people think of a block as not being able to do something; writing, making art, getting ahead financially. But can you be blocked to stop doing something? I think so.

Coach Blog 021014 Especially in modern culture, we are encouraged to multi-task, to accomplish, to be productive. This way of thinking gives you just enough room to breathe but no room to sit looking out the window “wasting time.”

But by rushing around being “productive”, you aren’t “saving” time, you are filling it with stuff. Some stuff may be important, but is all of it? Does keeping busy make you feel important?

I say the real important things happen in a moment of stillness: a hug, a smile, a tear.

I say whenever you feel you can’t take a break is a perfect time to make yourself take one.

We need to take breaks so we can look up, look around, and appreciate all of our hard work in the moment and not just when we have results to show for the work. Make sure you are doing something important, make sure you are on the right path, and make sure you take a deep breath and savor where you are in the process, if only for a few minutes.

Don’t let “being busy” make you miss your life. Life is all around us; we just need to look up and take it in.


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