Posted by: Cathy | January 22, 2014

Guest post: The You That You Never Knew by Audra J

Today, I would like to share another guest post! This comes from another member of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, Audra J. You can read more from her at her blog, Sweet Talk Revolution.

Breathe. It’s all okay. The world is crashing down around you, the walls are closing in, and you feel lost or helpless or overwhelmed. You feel trapped and everything seems dark.

But, darling, have you forgotten that it’s always dark when your eyes are closed?

Awakening to our true nature seems like a laugh at times. When we’re running after children or trying to wrangle our busy schedule the furthest thing from our mind is appealing to our true selves.

The majority of the time we believe that seeking our pleasures, passions, and finding our centers is selfish and irresponsible. We have other people to worry about, we have work to do. Many of us are concerned about societal backlash and how our peers will react to our journey of inner peace and self-realization, of personal power. There are intense and deep seeded fears of rejection and isolation caused by embracing the trueness of YOU.

But, did you know… That fear you feel when you consider reworking yourself to be the YOU you never knew is worth letting go of. Why? Because it’s a giant lie.

Like an obsessed and manipulative lover, our fear wants to make sure we’re inline, not doing anything too out-of-the-ordinary, not pursuing too many dreams or desires that might take us away. It needs us dependent and weak and shivery. It doesn’t want us realizing that we’re better off without it! It doesn’t want to lose to joy (the much more caring and attractive of the two options, I assure you). Fear needs us frazzled and stuck and hesitant to survive. Fear needs us to DOUBT ourselves every day so that we’ll never take our first steps over that line into growth and change.

Fear wants to keep us in the dark by telling us that the world is too scary to explore and dreams are too hard to pursue.

How many times a month, a week, a day do you think to yourself I’d like to do this… but I can’t because… or I would like to start… but I would never because….

The person that gives in to fear and hides in the safe, dark, caves of their own life, too afraid to explore the sunlit valleys and rain-kissed forests of the soul is the person who is in need of discovering the You inside.

In all honestly it’s most of us, at least in some aspects of our lives. Even those of us who are the most joyful, who run freely through life laughing and dancing at any given moment. Yes, even these souls have days when their eyes remained closed, the darkness remains prominent, and the cave is the safest place to be.

In moments like these, let us coax our true selves from the darkness of doubt. Let’s find a way to try that new hobby, or travel to that new place, or write that book, or go back to school. Let’s find a way to love again, someone else or ourselves. Let’s grasp at our dreams and hold them and mold them until they become real in our hands.

Let us open our eyes to our True Selves, to our nature of joy, to our power and freedom and gorgeous potential.

While we’re building these spectacular new moments for ourselves, let’s be sure to acknowledge Fear… hunkered and sulking in the background like a spoiled child. Let’s remember to graciously invite Fear to join in our victories and our joy when it has had a change of heart, when it’s ready to meet the light. Now, what I’m about to tell you is true, sweethearts. Very true. HAPPINESS is contagious. TRUE JOY is contagious, and I tell you that eventually even your Fears will be transformed by YOU and your shining YOUNESS into Confidence, Strength, and Personal Power.

You just need to step into the light and open your eyes.

Come on. We’ll do it together.
Coach Blog 012214 audra Here is Audra’s bio, in her own words:

I’m a whirl-wind! I’ve got interests all across the board and love to study and research. Gathering knowledge and implementing the good stuff into my life is fun! I’m a Masters student of Library and Information Sciences and am also studying Alternative Healing methods.

I’ve been called eccentric (by my mom!) and I consider myself, yes, very eclectic!

I like to spend my free time dreaming, reading, researching, and making new things in the kitchen.

I started Sweet Talk Revolution out of a strong passion for and belief in treating ourselves properly through a non-toxic lifestyle which INCLUDES emotional toxicity. I was tired of criticizing myself over small things like weight, or hair, or my abilities in a specific area or field. I wanted to go on a journey of discovering the beauty in me and treating myself like a goddess!

When I started to realize my potential, my strength, and my personal power my life began to change and my desires about my surroundings changed too. I started eating better and became more conscious of the things I was putting into and ON my body. As my outlooks switched to more positive things started to suddenly fall into place and my dreams blossomed. My journey has become to shine from the inside out and to help others do the same.

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