Posted by: Cathy | January 15, 2014

Interview your Goal

I recently listened to a class by Hiro Boga. She introduced me to the concept of “devas”, which are the essence of a concept or entity. Happiness has a deva, trees have devas, and your goal has a deva.

Coach Blog 011514 If you want more Happiness in your life, talk to the deva of Happiness and listen to her advice. If you want more grounding, try communing with the deva of a tree in your neighborhood. As you’re moving forward on a goal, or if you feel stuck or frustrated, try interviewing the deva of your goal.

In the class, she led us through a guided meditation to talk to the deva of our business, and it was a great experience. I don’t have a fool-proof plan for success, but Hiro’s teaching showed me that, even though I am the only employee in my business, I’m not alone. The deva of my business wants us to succeed and reach out to help more people through my coaching and teaching. By pausing to check-in with the deva of my business, I will carve a path that is true for both me and my business.

If this concept interests you, I encourage you to follow Hiro Boga and sign up the next time she offers a free preview for one of her programs. If you don’t want to wait until then, try doing some automatic writing to interview your goal or business, or ask a question and sit in meditation to listen for the answer.

By “talking” to your goal, you open up your perception of what is possible and can gain unexpected insights.


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