Posted by: Cathy | December 16, 2013

Short Day’s Journey into Long Night

The winter solstice, Dec 21, is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. The old celebration of Yule was to welcome back the sun and the longer days of light. This is why we decorate trees with lights for the holidays.

As the nights get longer, notice how you feel about the imbalance of daylight and darkness. Does the longer nighttime help you relax and rest, or are you impatient for the days to get longer again?

Coach Blog 121613 For me, I would love to take more time to rest in the winter, but I work a day-job. It’s dark when I go in to work and it’s dark when I drive home. Not getting to enjoy any sunlight for months makes me a grumpy bear. I want to follow the rhythms of winter, but my office schedule doesn’t allow it. I’m integrating this disparity with my new Hibernate e-course, beginning January 10 (look for a free Hibernate meditation available on Friday!).

Enjoying the nights or being impatient for longer days are both valid responses to winter; neither is right or wrong. Just notice how you feel and, if your feeling isn’t something you enjoy, try to do something to change it. If you’re impatient for daylight, maybe create a Pinterest board with beautiful tropical or desert images. If you’re not happy, you can always do something to move in the direction of happiness!



  1. I like the winter for a couple reasons i like the cold and also the darkness. For the simple reason i have breathing problems and i can take the cold better than the heat and for the daylight i get migraines easy so the darkness help with them.

    • Thanks for sharing, Christie; I wish you lots of rest and recuperation!

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