Posted by: Cathy | November 20, 2013

Guest-post: About Feet and Wings by Bea Abrahamse

Today, I would like to share another guest post! This comes from a friend in the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, Bea Abrahamse. She is a coach and distance healer. You can follow her blog at Beachtree Herbals.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed she could fly, if only she tried hard enough. Unfortunately all the grown-ups told her to stop being silly, that flying’s only for birds and planes and not at all for little girls. They told her that walking nicely, calmly, and gently was much more suitable. People told the little girl this so often that she started to believe it.

First of all questions like “Why should I be able to fly when the birds and the planes do it so much better?” started to pop up in her mind. Surely all those grown-ups couldn’t be wrong? Then she began doubting that she would ever be able to fly at all until, finally, she stopped trying and resigned herself to the “fact” that nice girls walk nicely and that she really couldn’t or shouldn’t fly.

Years passed. Sometimes she woke with a start and vaguely remembered flying in her dreams, but she didn’t take those dreams seriously anymore. She had replaced her certainty that she could fly with a firm notion about “How the Real World Works.” What she didn’t realize was that her shine and sparkle were also hiding under that same notion. She didn’t notice that she was reduced; somehow not quite herself.

She did know she wasn’t happy, that she felt uninspired and life seemed dull and unsatisfying. The girl looked for ways to feel better, she searched for happiness everywhere and asked everyone, but nothing could give her back that feeling she had as a little girl; the feeling that she could burst with the fullness, the deliciousness, the juiciness, the excitement of knowing she could fly (even if she hadn’t quite managed it yet!).

Until one day, one particularly unhappy day, she sat at the beach and looked out over the ocean wanting something, anything to change. Then, deep within her, she felt something beginning to stir. Holding her breath she explored this new but somehow familiar feeling.

Gently around the edges at first, like probing a sore tooth, until at last she recognised them…..her wings! They hadn’t vanished, they weren’t imaginary, they were simply, patiently, and lovingly waiting for her to remember them and unfurl them once more.

She did.

She flew.

How are your wings?

Have you unfurled them and started soaring yet?

Or have you followed the advice of the Real World and are you keeping them wrapped tightly against yourself?

Maybe it’s something in between? You know you’ve got them, you know you could use them, but…

There’s always a “but”; Maybe later… First I’ll let… I have to… I won’t be able to…

In whatever stage or process you are at the moment, a coach can help. A good coach knows how to help you to find your wings, if that’s what you need (we have special, very secret wing-detecting equipment).

We can help you to unfurl your wings, and although this can be a little uncomfortable at first, a good coach can help you find your feet as you get ready to fly (we’re both super-grounded and way up in the air up there with you and your dreams!).

Of course, while you’re flying high you’ll also need to check in with yourself sometimes to make sure you’re still on the right fly-path and haven’t veered off too much. A good coach will help you to separate the shiny things from the gold so that your focus is where you really want it to be.

Most of all, a good coach really wants you to fly, believes you can fly, and will help you to believe it again as well!


Coach Blog 112013 BeaAbrahamse Bea Abrahamse is a passionate Express-Analysis and IAGE-Coach, aromatherapist, and healer. Her wish for you is that you feel uplifted, inspired, joyful, creative, and full of energy and ideas. Whether you need to find your wings or your feet, if you could do with some solid support on your journey, Bea can help you to move past your blocks and achieve those things you’re dreaming off.

You can find out more about Express Analysis and IAGE-Coaching on Bea’s website; you can also connect with her on Facebook or Twitter (@beachtreelight).


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