Posted by: Cathy | November 13, 2013


I read recently that there was a rush of weddings planned for November 12, 2013 because of the numerical pattern of the date (11-12-13). That happened last year too with 12/12/12. But what is in a date? Our calendar has changed over the centuries, and we can bring whatever meaning to it we want.

Coach Blog 111313 Create your own meaning. Decide that every odd-numbered day will be a day of fabulous opportunity. Decide that every even-numbered day you’ll get the answer to a question. Decide that every Monday will be a glorious adventure.

Today is 11-13-13, three prime numbers! Today is a prime example of primo exceptionality! Today something magical will occur! I can’t wait to see what it is.

If you expect to see something magical, you’re more likely to see something magical. Tell me what magic happened for you today in the comments or on Facebook.


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