Posted by: Cathy | November 8, 2013

Space Mission e-workbook: Giving Yourself the Luxury of Spaciousness

Coach Blog 110813 I remember reading an article years ago, maybe back in 2000, in which actor Liev Schreiber said, and I’m paraphrasing, that time and space are the ultimate modern luxuries. It rang very true for me; I was living in a small studio apartment at the time, just out of college and working my first “real” job, and that has quote stuck in my mind ever since.

With this workbook, I want to help you create more space in your life, and to enjoy your space. I want this to become your Space Mission. You spend countless hours in your home and work spaces – why not give yourself the luxury of spaciousness?

In this workbook, I’ll give you 6 exercises to release stagnant energy and create beautiful, luxurious space in your environment; space you can leave decadently empty or fill with something you love. Make your space support and energize you. Come with me on this Space Mission.

Space Mission e-workbook ($18)



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