Posted by: Cathy | November 6, 2013


Last week, I mentioned revisiting your old goals. Let me say again; don’t do anything just to do it and add more to your plate – only revisit one of your old projects if you feel the time is right. Your time and energy are precious. However, there can be a lot of value hidden in revisiting and repurposing and old project.

Coach Blog 110613 For instance, we’re in the first week of National Novel Writing Month ( Perhaps, if you need a new idea to meet your word count goals, you could borrow a character from a previously abandoned project to add a subplot to your NaNoWriMo piece.

Also, if you’re a knitter or crocheter, you undoubtedly have lots of yarn left-over from finished projects, or yarn you bought for something in particular but you lost the pattern or forgot what you were going to do with it. You can easily make use of all this yarn by making a scrap afghan, which is something I’ll be doing this winter! Or, you could use the small bits of yarn to make holiday ornaments or cat toys. I once knit a sock toe, filled it with cotton stuffing and a bell, and stitched it up; my cat loved it, until it slid under the oven never to be seen again.

This Friday, Nov 8, I’m releasing my “Space Mission” e-workbook, written to help you create more space in your life, home, and office. One of the 6 exercises in the workbook will be to help you repurpose an item in your home. ($18)

So look around, find an item to repurpose, and join me Friday on a Space Mission!


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