Posted by: Cathy | November 4, 2013

Fall Back

Let me preface this by saying that I detest daylight savings time. If I were queen of the world, I would abolish it. It takes me weeks to get used to the hour change, and weeks more to get back in the spring. I think it’s a ridiculous practice and it has no use in our modern life with modern electrical lighting.

Coach Blog 110413 That being said, I think it is useful to “fall back” metaphorically as you’re making progress on your goals. You can do this in three ways: reassess, retrograde, and revisit.

Reassess your progress periodically. I like to do this at least once per month, but depending on your own preference, schedule, and the size of your project, you should absolutely do whatever is right for you. Schedule times to check-in when you start a project, and keep to that schedule as much as you are able. Check back to your intention when you took on the project, check on your timeline and progress, and check that you have enough of whatever materials you need to finish (including time, space, and energy).

Allow yourself to go retrograde occasionally. “Retrograde” is a term in astrology where a planet appears to move backward from our perspective on Earth. Sometimes you might not notice you’re going retrograde until you’ve been doing it for a few hours or days, or even weeks. Try not to freak out – just sigh, name it retrograde, and see what you need to do to get back on track. You can also move into retrograde deliberately if you need a mental health day or week from your project. Just be sure to schedule a time to get back to work and stick to it.

Revisit your old goals. Look back over previous lists of new years’ resolutions, or old craft or writing projects that got pushed aside. Notice if any of these projects are speaking to you now. Would you like to try something again? Would you like to modify one of these old ideas? Don’t do anything just to do it and add more to your plate – only revisit one of these old projects if you feel the time is right. I’ll talk more about repurposing next week.

I wish you a calm transition back into “standard” time!



  1. I much prefer falling back into standard time to losing an hour for “savings” time. Makes no sense. At any rate, I like your suggestion about thinking in terms of retrograde. I’m very retrograding pretty hard right now, but I’ll get some altered routines going when the time is right.

    Really like the art on this one too. Yay coats and fall leaves!

    • Thanks! And definitely, you don’t have to push out of retrograde. It’s like when your car hits ice and your instinct is to swerve but you’re supposed to turn into it. It sounds counter-intuitive, but isn’t.

  2. I also can’t stand daylight savings — it’s always a huge relief for me to go back to Standard time. I think that thinking about things in terms of retrograde excellent. I’m currently taking a course for professional development and when I first started I was very enthusiastic, but reality has set in now and it’s becoming a little more tedious. I was sitting down to work on it every day and then just not focusing. I decided late last week to just let it happen and take a break from it, and now it’s coming a little easier now that I’m back to it.

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