Posted by: Cathy | October 16, 2013

Take your Measurements

On Monday, I used a wardrobe analogy to talk about making sure your goals still fit. Another aspect of that, one that’s maybe even more important than the last, is knowing what fits you to begin with. Take your measurements.

* How much time can you commit to your goal right now without becoming overly stressed?
* How much money can you invest without negatively impacting other financial goals?
* What resources do you need before you begin? What can you get done without them?
* How much energy will your project require? How much can you spare right now?
* Will you need help from someone else? How much time can she/he give you and when?
* Do you have adequate space to work? Do you need to clear out your desk or a closet first?

Coach Blog 101613 Give some thought to the basic necessities for your goal and review them periodically. If progress toward your goal has stalled, double check that all these basic necessities are being met. Give yourself a strong foundation to launch your goal, and be sure that foundation is sound as you keep moving upward. Take your measurements, and check them now and again to be sure they’re still correct.


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