Posted by: Cathy | October 14, 2013

Do your goals still fit? Wardrobe change

Now that the weather is getting cooler, you probably have pulled out some sweaters that were languishing in the back of your closet. Some you were happy to see, cozy favorites you love to wear. Others maybe don’t look as stylish as when you bought them, or maybe the wool is pilling and has seen better days.

Your goals can go through the same wear-and-tear as your clothes, but the effects may not be so obvious.

Coach Blog 101413 Periodically, check to be sure your goals still fit. Going along with the analogy of your wardrobe, maybe you want to find a new accessory to spruce up a goal; maybe a workshop or book on the topic of your project can help inject new pizzaz. Maybe instead you want to alter the goal by cropping the bottom or changing the neckline; perhaps a tweak to the timeline or adjusting one aspect of the project will make it feel more satisfying.

You are in charge of your goals – you can alter them as necessary when they aren’t working for you the way you want. You can cast off old goals you no longer want to accomplish. You can completely rearrange your timeline and action steps to better suit where you are now in your life.

As you’re making changes, though, be sure you are approaching them from a place of calm command and not fear. Don’t let ouside trends affect where you want to take your life and your business; create your goals as authentically as you create a wardrobe, making sure they reflect you and the face you want to present to the world!


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