Posted by: Cathy | October 7, 2013

Quarterly Review

I was feeling resistant to sitting down and doing my quarterly review this week, but didn’t realize why until I looked at the goals I set for this quarter back in July.

I accomplished few of them!

Here is what I said on July 8:

* I would like to start making money with my coaching business (I have specific financial goals, but I’ll keep those private)
* I would like to expand my social media presence to support my business (again, I have a plan but I’ll keep that private)
* I would like to make and stick to a regular schedule for my fiction writing/revision; to finish revising one novel and finish a first draft of a second by Oct 1
* I would like to lose another 6 pounds (2 pounds per month)
* I would like to read 3 books (1 per month)
* I took a Reiki I class on June 29 and I would like to practice and prepare for a Reiki II class later this year

Coach Blog 100713 + I met my July coaching income goal, but not August or September. I haven’t been doing much marketing.
+ I’ve been so busy again this quarter that I didn’t have much time to interact with people over social media. I’ve been posting things, but haven’t had time to go out and respond to other people’s blogs.
+ I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the mental space to write. Now that NaNoWriMo is around the corner, I’m slowly getting back into this groove and making it a priority.
+ I did not lose any more weight; I gained some and re-lost back to my July weight.
+ I did read 3 books, partly because I took a vacation and had lots of time waiting at the airport.
+ I haven’t been doing a regular reiki practice.

It looks like busy-ness is to blame for most of my goals not being met. Now that I know the culprit, I will try to review more in depth what was keeping me busy and what I could do to reduce that. (I hate being busy!) Perhaps I need to drop something from my schedule, or at least pull back on a thing or two to make time and space for my personal goals.

Here are my new goals for the fourth quarter:

* Participate in NaNoWriMo in my own way – feeling free to modify the 50k word goal to something challenging but not overwhelming
* I will lose another 6 pounds (2 pounds per month)
* I will read 3 books (1 per month)
* I will do meditation and reiki daily; and go to yoga class weekly
* I just joined the Amazing Biz and Life Academy and will set goals/priorities to work through all of the resources on her site and try to interact on the forum weekly. This work will probably inform a new marketing plan to get on track with my coaching income goals.
* I will create space in my life to work on my priorities

How did you do on your goals this quarter? Did you join me in accomplishing little, or did you rock your goals?



  1. I still haven’t evaluated my goals from January. Just thinking about it is exhausting. So, good for you for sticking with your goals and the evaluations!

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