Posted by: Cathy | October 2, 2013

Let things dissolve – Don’t fight autumn energy

Autumn is my favorite season. Unfortunately for me, I live in Colorado and we don’t really have autumn; I joke that we get three seasons – summer, winter, and bananas. We might get a couple of autumnal days mixed in with days in the 80s, and then all of a sudden it starts to snow and winter is here. So I will really, deeply savor those cool, autumn days we have.

Coach Blog 100213 Autumn energy is about winding down, getting your bearings, and planning for the hush of winter. Work with autumn energy in your life and let your pace slow a bit. Take time to enjoy a cup of cider or cocoa and look at the colors of the changing leaves. Notice what is changing in your own life and let it happen; don’t fight it.

Think about what you can harvest to carry you through the winter. Do you have the resources you need to get the things you want done? Have you thought about your holiday giving plans? Try to pace yourself and plan out activities so your winter isn’t overwhelming; let yourself work with that slow, contracted energy too.

Let the old dissolve and make space to welcome something new in the spring. Have you thought about how you’d like to bring in the new year? Do you have an idea of what your new resolutions might be? You can lay the ground-work now to drop any habits you don’t love and make space for new habits in the spring.

Embrace autumn energy and align your life to the natural rhythms.

Here are some other ways to embrace autumn energy:
* Curl up with a good book and let the pages turn like leaves
* Slowly go through your closet, sorting through “bottoms” one weekend and “tops” the next, releasing what you don’t love
* Launder your favorite sweaters and blankets so they’re ready when you need them (and donate your non-favorites!)
* Clear clutter in your home to make it cozier as we begin spending more time in-doors during the colder seasons
* Go through your pantry to make sure you have everything you need for pots of soup and trays of cookies

If you have any other ideas, please share in the comments!


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