Posted by: Cathy | September 25, 2013

Turn Over a New Leaf

I’ve said this before; every day, you can start over. If your goal has been stalled or frustrating, start over. If your goal has been going really well, start over. Drop any expectations from what happened yesterday or last week and just focus on what you can do today.
Coach Blog 092513
I like watching the leaves change in autumn. On the same tree, some leaves will be yellow or red or brown or orange. They make a beautiful collage before they fall to the ground. Each day, your goal or dream might be a little different. Some days, you’ll get a beautiful, vibrant green leaf; other days, you’ll get a sallow, brittle brown leaf. But neither is permenant. Those leaves will fall off and new ones will grow in their time.

Keep showing up to your goal and keep starting over. Do what you can today; don’t worry about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Keep looking at the next step and keep moving forward. Turn over a new leaf and make some progress on your goal.


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