Posted by: Cathy | September 16, 2013

Start Storing Your Nuts

In Toastmasters, we encourage folks to prepare a “back-pocket speech” so that someone can fill in suddenly if a scheduled speaker can’t make it to our meeting. Rarely do we have someone prepared with one, so we have to fill the time with other things. But this is an example of storing your nuts; having something ready to fill in when you need it.

Coach Blog 091613 Soon, squirrels everywhere will be storing their winter cache of nuts, so that they don’t go hungry.

How can you use this analogy to make your own life easier?

For me, I like to write my blog posts in advance. Every Monday, I write two posts, even if I have a guest post or video post on the docket. This allows me to stay ahead. For instance, this post is going live on Sept 16, but I wrote it on Aug 26! That’s three weeks in advance, which means I have six blog “nuts” in my “back-pocket” cache. It also allows me not to stress if I take a week of vacation; I know I have my posts all ready to go for the next few weeks.

What can you do to get ahead in some aspect? Here are some ideas:

* Save $20 from every pay check for vacation planning or holiday gifts (if you get paid bi-weekly, that’s $520!)
* Buy gifts throughout the year and keep them in a particular box in a particular closet so you don’t misplace them
* Make two casseroles on Sunday to eat for dinner throughout the week
* Keep a spare can of soup at your desk in case you forget your lunch

What other ideas can you share to stay ahead? Leave a comment!



  1. i love the post idea i do that I keep all my reviews done ahead of time so I can just schedule them and I love the 20.00 a paycheck idea I need to do that so we can have traveling money thank you

    • Great, I’m glad my idea helped! 🙂

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