Posted by: Cathy | September 4, 2013


In August 2012, I posted an article called Choose Choosing. I said, “The more deliberately you choose, the more you empower your life.”

However, I think creative people, especially people with lots of interests, have trouble deciding. The word “decide” comes from the Latin “decidere” meaning “to cut off.” By deciding to do one thing, you are cutting off the possibility of all the other things you could have decided.

I would like to remind you, though, that you are only limiting that other possibility for the time being. One decision isn’t a lifetime sentence.

Coach Blog 090413 Consider what you’ll have for dinner tonight; for example, I like Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food, among others. If I choose Italian food for dinner tonight, that doesn’t mean I can never choose Chinese or Mexican food for dinner another night. That doesn’t mean, if something goes wrong with my Italian dinner tonight, that I’ll be stuck eating soggy spaghetti every night for the rest of my life.

If you have lots of interests like I do (writing, painting, yoga, boxing, learning Italian language, learning piano, reading, watching movies, knitting, taking naps, and on and on), make a master list of everything you have an interest in doing or learning, and when you have a spare moment or a free day coming up, decide to do one thing on your list. Declare for November that you will focus on writing with National Novel Writing Month, then for December declare that you will focus on learning a new piano song to play at a holiday dinner, then for January declare that you will learn a new yoga pose each day.

Decide to take action on your goals. Check in to see what is calling out to you each day and decide to follow that calling.


  1. When I look at my To Do list, it’s overwhelming. On top of the daily things I need to do, there are the bigger projects that I need to tackle. If I make my monthly priorities, weekly priorities, and daily priorities, it seems more manageable. Remembering that if something happens or doesn’t go well, it can be changed or done over, helps keep me from getting lost in the “soggy spaghetti”.

  2. Oh yeah! I don’t have to eat soggy spaghetti for the rest of my life! Decision making can be tough for us creatives. Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective.

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