Posted by: Cathy | August 12, 2013


Recently, the Hanged Man was my tarot card of the week (which I post on Twitter, @innerdepths). The Hanged Man isn’t as morbid as it sounds – he’s hanging upside-down from one ankle. His message is about trying a new perspective. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, it helps to try a new perspective.

Whenever I’m blocked, I feel like I have tunnel vision. The block surrounds you and consumes you. The best thing to do is climb out of the tunnel, get some space, and look at the issue from a new perspective.

Coach Blog 081213 Look at your problem sideways, upside-down, or behind you from a mirror. Try rose-colored glasses or sunglasses. Try a magnifying glass or binoculars. Try looking at only one inch of it, and then try taking in the big picture. Try looking at it as your inner child, or your inner wise self. Try looking at it as your audience or your critic. Look at it in 20 different ways (I just gave you 13!) and write down what you learn. Think about that before you start moving forward again.

You can also try a new perspective with something you’re taking for granted. Look at your health, your relationships, and your financial situation. I remember Denise Linn saying in her Hay House radio show that, if you have running water in your house, you are part of a privileged class. Most people in the developed world take running water for granted. Sit for a moment and think about what you have from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have much.

Try on a new perspective and be open to learn something.


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